CANVAS 2.0 Data Pull for New Quizzes

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Hey everyone, 

When getting data from Canvas, I tried pulling data from Canvas.Quizzes, and that seemed to have only pulled in rows for classic Quizzes on Canvas. Using the relationship visualizer, I can't seem to find a way to pull in data for New Quizzes. Link 


Am I overlooking something? I know that it shows up in Canvas.Assignments, but is there a way to retrieve questions/submissions from New Quizzes like there is for classic Quizzes as a batch download from Canvas? 


There are some API commands for New Quizzes, but these do not seem to grab questions/submissions either: Link 


Any help would be appreciated! 

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Unfortunately, you can't pull those data via API yet, due to the nature of LTI tool.. those data are stored externally.

According to New Quizzes roadmap, the endpoints will be available in Q2 2024:


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