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Confused why do I need to sign in to CANVAS?  Message post from the instructor but I am having a bit of trouble figuring out what this CANVAS thing is.  It appears to have a lot of functions but am I required to use it for anything?  In my last class I did all of my homework in the portal and same this week.  

Thanks if anyone can shed any light.  

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Hi @reeseam 

Canvas is a Learning Management System that houses online courses. You log into Canvas to access learning content, engage in learning activities, and complete and submit graded course work work. As for why your instructor is asking you to go there is entirely up to your instructor, and that is who you need to talk to. Teachers are busy, and they are not going to waste time sending you to Canvas without a reason.  See How do I send a message to a user using the Canvas Inbox (to contact your teacher(s))

If you are taking more than one course, it is very likely that all your courses are on Canvas. That's what it is for.

Here is a video resource that will help you,Getting Started with Canvas as a student


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