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Calendar Viewing Limit

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Students can only see up to 10 "course" calendars. Can that be modified? Several extracurricular clubs use Canvas, and this pushed their "course" count higher than 10, and they do not see the post unless they uncheck another.  

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Hello @ArpiLajinian 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. Currently, the calendar view is limited to ten courses to be loaded at once and there isn't really a way to modify that without having multiple student accounts for real courses and extra curricular activities or groups. We understand that it would be ideal  if the calendar could load all classes at once, but there have been issues with allowing unlimited courses to be loaded - it isn't really built to handle more than that as even ten full courses can have an extremely loaded calendar view. For now, they will need to work within the confines of  the 10 course limit or you  can explore having a duplicate account for them for their groups and clubs. Hopefully this helps. 

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