Is the user License reusable?

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If user  A is created  then his 1 license will used. If we delete user A after 3 months and creates another user B.. will User B utilise remaining 9 months license period of user  A?  Or will user B treated as new license when he is created and user A’s remaining license periods of 9 month will be lost?

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Community Coach

Hi @Dharmendra,

For questions like this, I'd highly recommend reaching out to your Canvas Customer Success Manager (or Implementation Manager if you're new to Canvas).  While I know how this works for the institution I work for, I believe every contract may be different and I would hate for anyone here to provide incorrect guidance.

Apologies for not being able to provide more specific info for you.  The community is made up mostly of other Canvas users so we can provide a lot of help with using Canvas, but not necessarily a question like this.


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