Can Blueprint Courses accommodate cascading assignment & module dates?

Community Novice

I am offering a variety of online courses through Canvas. The UI is great and course design is intuitive, however as Canvas does not have a continuous enrolment feature, I have to create new course and import Course content for every 6 week course. The lessons are unlocked on a weekly basis so the students have the pace to their online course. For example, if the course starts on 01/01/2020, then week 2 lesson is unlocked on 07/01/2020. This continues for the full 6 weeks. This feature works well when creating a new course as I can just import course content from an existing Canvas course, change the start and end date, and the module specific dates in between change accordingly. However when video links aren't working or I need to make edits in the course content, I must then do it by hand in every course I have created for the future 6 months. 

I am interested in turning my master course into a blueprint course, but I haven't found a way to keep the cascading dates when syncing associated courses. 

Either I need to go in by hand and make any content edits, or I need to go in by hand and change every assignment and module dates for the 6 week courses 

Is there anyway I can use a blueprint courses and its sync option but also have new blueprint associated courses automatically readjust all the module and assignment dates in the course?