Can I download all of my students' quiz answers?

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I would like to give my final exam inside Canvas (as a quiz), and then download all of my students' answers on the final (my school administrators want a copy in case a parent has a question/concern about a student's exam over the summer). Is this possible?

One of the issues is that the classes are removed during late July, and sometimes issues don't come up until August, after which the class is no longer available.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Bob

On the quiz statistics screen, you can download a spreadsheet containing all student submissions:

Go to the quiz and click "Quiz statistics" on the right. When the quiz summary screen appears, click the "Student analysis" button at the top. This will generate a spreadsheet and prompt you to download/save it. There will be a row in the spreadsheet for each of the students who submitted. The first column will show the student's name, followed by a few columns with ID numbers etc then a column for each question showing the student's response to that question and the points they scored for it. The final column will show the student's overall score for the quiz.

Hope this helps.

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