Can I find the content of Inbox messages from past semesters somewhere on Canvas?

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Is there a way for me to access the content of Inbox message correspondence from past semesters? I routine archive Inbox messages, but it seems that they disappear once the new term begins. Is there a way to "find" them? 

I recall that the old version of People would show the content of Inbox messages sent between students and the instructor, and I think this was the case even after the term had ended. Now that Inbox correspondence is housed in New Analytics, it does not show the content of the messages, even for the current semester. New Analytics only shows the number of Inbox messages exchanged and the dates they were sent. I don't see how this is helpful, except an extremely basic measure of frequency of student/instructor communication.

This is a big problem because instructors often need to use past correspondence with students in grade disputes, and these disputes almost always happen after the term has ended. Sometimes old messages are essential for recommendation letters and other teaching-related matters as well. I relied on the way People organized Inbox messages because it was so much easier to keep track of student messages; in contrast, my email inbox is swimming with all kinds of different messages and spam, and it's easy to accidentally overlook a student message. If there is no solution, I suppose I will have to figure out a workaround in my email and require students NOT to use Inbox.

Is there a solution? 

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Option 1: I just tried in my school's Canvas. I clicked on "Inbox" and scrolled down, and scrolled down, and scrolled down, and scrolled down, and I can see the messages from last semester. The scroll bar seems to be dynamic - the more times I scroll down, the more messages it loads.

Your school's Canvas may be set up differently.


Option 2: I get copies of Canvas Inbox messages in my email. Can You check in your email?


Option 3: Contact your supervisor/dean/principal and IT support at the same time. (You will most likely need your boss' approval.) Ask them for help getting old messages. Be specific in what you need.

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