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Can I hide/remove items from the Coming Up sidebar as an instructor?

Our instructors often use a sandbox course shell to design courses for upcoming semesters. For some instructors, this has caused an annoying side effect after they have copied the content into the actual course.

The Coming Up sidebar is showing assignments that were created in the sandbox AND in the actual course. They don't want to see the sandbox content in Coming Up. Due dates are the same, so it is flooding the Coming Up list with items that are irrelevant. 

The sandbox is unpublished and unchecked from the user's calendar. I was hoping that one or both of these could hide them from the Coming Up list, but it does not.

Is there any way to have assignments from certain courses NOT show up in the Coming Up list? You can't 'X' them away like in the To Do list.





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Community Team

Hey Troy,

I can see where that would be very frustrating for them.  As an experiment, I looked for something in my To Do list that I didn't need there, clicked on it, went to the settings for that course and concluded it.  I don't see items from that course in my To Do now but I do still see the course listed in my Past Enrollments.  Would that work for your instructors?

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