Can a discussion post have different due dates?

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Does anyone know of a way to have multiple due dates under the same discussion. As my faculty members discussed, they desire to split a particular discussion into three parts, part 1 where students summarize their chapter, part 2 where they share what they learned with two misconceptions or misunderstanding in a couple of bullets, and part three address other student misconceptions. 
In their experiences, the majority of students wait a couple of hours before the due date and post where this should be weekly work in progress assignment. We need to have multiple due dates to come over this problem which I hope to be fixed before the coming semester.
All suggestions and recommendations are welcome.
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 @cdonahue ‌, it looks like you've posted this prompt twice: once as a question, and again as a discussion. So that we don't have parallel and possibly duplicative threads developing, we're going to lock this one and ask people to share their advice at 

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