Can canvas be opened to students not yet enrolled?

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My university currently does placement in our math classes with a commercial program. It has the advantage that it is online (so students not near our campus can take the placement test virtually). However we are considering giving our own in house exam but would need a platform for the students to take it online. Is there a way of opening up a Canvas "course" for students who are admitted to our university but not enrolled in a course, so they would be able to take a Canvas quiz placement test?


Matt Brenneman

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 @brennem1 ‌, this is absolutely possible.  You do not need to be enrolled in any specific class/course to be added to Canvas and each course is unique so you could add students to Canvas purely for a testing course.  Really, they don't even need to be enrolled in the university as long as you have a way for manually added accounts to log into Canvas.  My institution has a main login that requires a university account so we provide outside people with and that serves as a backdoor into our instance. 

Please reach out if that prompts more questions as we use Canvas for this exact thing.


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