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Can i set different deadlines for initial posts and replies to others' posts in discussion boards?

I am setting up a discussion board in a way that students have to post themselves first before seeing others' responses. Can I set two different deadlines for these two types of posts? For example I want them to post by a specific date, and then respond to peers by 2 days after that date? If that is possible, how? Thank you for responding.

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I am surprised nobody replied to this post. Canvas Discussion Board is grossly underdeveloped, like many features in Canvas. For example, Blackboard allows setting different deadlines for posting on a discussion board and for replying to a post. Blackboard also allows an instructor to view contributions to a discussion board by each student making it easier to grade. I have not found a way to do so yet.

Why are the different deadlines important? It is typical in many online courses, especially asynchronous ones, that instructors grade students for posting on a topic, and then for commenting on other students' posts. Only, so many students play it close to the wire, leaving no room for other students to comment on their posts. By setting different deadlines, such as Friday at midnight to post, and Sunday at midnight to reply to other posts, leaves ample time for each student to view and comment on every other student's contribution.

Truth is, Canvas has distinguished itself mainly for:

1. An excellent and very aggressive sales unit.

2. An almost non-existent feature development unit.