Can multiple sub-accounts be added to the same course?

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Due to integration with another LMS software, I have split my students into different sub-accounts. I would like these multiple sub-accounts to complete the same course. But when I go to allocate a sub-account within the course's settings/course details, I can only select one sub-account. How can I give each sub-account access to this course? 

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@IsaacOrchard ...

No, a course cannot have two sub-accounts assigned to it.

Instead of sub-accounts, are you wanting to use cross-listed courses?  You could have two Canvas course shells ... each with a different set of students in them.  Then, you could have your school's Canvas administrator cross-lists the two courses together so that enrollments from the second course flow into the first course.  So, if you had Course A and Course B, you could cross-list these course so that all enrollments from Course B would be cross-listed into Course A.  Students from both courses would only see the content in Course A.

Sub-accounts are typically used for course shell organization.  For example, at my College, we set up sub-accounts for our departments.  You could have sub-accounts for departments like Communication, Liberal Arts, etc.  What is the hierarchical structure for Canvas acco... - Instructure Community - 153 (

Let us know your thoughts...thanks!

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