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Can not lock modules on Canvas. Has this feature changed?

For some reason adding a lock to Canvas Module does not show up at the end of the module. Apparently, there is a problem with being able to lock the modules on Canvas for a later date. Any ideas why?

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@Nadeen1 -

I just checked in my playground, and the module locked with the date showing at the bottom (note this is in student view - there is no indication that it is locked on the instructor view-I'm blind the lock information is in instructor view as well - Not sure how I missed it the first time.).

If you were given the option to re-lock the module when you set the lock date, you need to select re-lock the module - just checked and that does not matter, but as a matter of principle I always relock a module when prompted.

If you are locking the module, but not seeing that it is locked in student view then there is something else going on.