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Can't login Canvas on IOS

Dear Supporting Team,

My name is Khiem. Im a developer that want to use and apply Canvas to my company. We're using custom domain. However, when I open my domain to login via Webview on IOS, I got a blank page so I can't access to Canvas.

I need your help to handle this problem as soon as possible so that I can persuade my CEO to register for a paid Canvas version. Hope to hear from you soon. 

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Hello @OngKhiem 

Are you using a Free For Teacher account? Are you able to login on a computer but not on an iOS? Have you downloaded the Canvas teacher or student app for iOS? You can reset your password if need be but I would first make sure that can login successfully on a regular browser and/or that you have downloaded the correct app. 

How do I reset my password as a student? - Instructure Community  

If you have more questions regarding this issue(s) please feel free to respond with descriptive information as to give us a clear insight into the problem.

My issue occur in Student app.

On both Laptop and Android, I'm able to render page and login. I'm using Google SSO Auth. Would you please to show me how to config Google SSO Auth with custom domain on IOS? Thank you so much.

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