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Can't save exam I imported from another course

Hi, I have imported an unpublished exam I created in "classic quizzes" in a previous semester's course to have on hand as a special make up exam in case any students can't take the normal exam scheduled for the rest of the class.

It cannot currently be assigned to any students, and will only be assigned if it is needed, but I want to be able to have it ready to go "just in case."

Unfortunately, when I attempt to save this newly imported exam (after revising), canvas is not allowing me to remove the automatic "assign to all," which would make this exam (and its points) default to showing up in my students' grade books. It will not be a required exam for anyone, unless it is needed as a make up. So How can I save it as an imported exam not currently assigned to anyone?

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Community Coach

Hello @erica_wagner ...

Instead of removing "Everyone" from the "Assign to" field for your exam, just unpublish the exam so that it doesn't show up in the Gradebook for any of your students.  Then, as you've stated, if anyone does need to take that particular exam, then go back to that same area, remove "Everyone", and enter the name(s) of the student(s).  Make sure to then publish the exam so that only the student(s) you specified would see it.  Give that a try to see if would meet your needs...thanks!