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Import external exam grades

In a course listed on Canvas, students have taken a written exam (created in Word) filled out by students and handed in. These exams will be graded manually. How do we add the grades into the course, and how do we weight the exams?  So out of a potential 120 points, if a student gets 115 that exam will be worth 20% of the total grade. We are using Canvas for assignments, but the three exams are not loaded in. We also need to know how to weigh the assignments, etc. 

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Community Coach

Hello there, @MicheleWalfred ...

It sounds like you will want to create a regular assignment (and not a quiz) for this particular exam.  If your students are filling out the Word document (the exam) to be submitted to you, then you'll want to follow the steps in this Guide:

How do I create an online assignment? - Instructure Community

For the assignment, create the name of the exam, add the directions, add the Word document that students are to fill out, and then select the option you want for that submission.  You'll want to be sure to select the "File Upload" option so that you are allowing students to submit the edited file back to you electronically.  Or, if the students were submitting the file to you in a face-to-face classroom setting, for example, you could select the "On Paper" option instead.

As far as weighting grades is concerned, that is done on the "Assignments" index page.  For example, you may have a course that has has an assignment group called "Exams" where they are worth 20% of the total grade, a "Discussion Postings" assignment group that is worth 10% of the final grade, and an "Essays" assignment group worth 70% of the total grade ... for a total of 100%.  You'll want to review the following Guides on how to set this up:

There is also this short video tutorial that I'd recommend you watch:

Assignments Overview (Instructors) - Instructure Community

Hopefully that covers all of your questions.  Please let Community members know if you have any questions about this information.  Thanks!