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Can you use blueprints for blueprints? If not, are there plans to implement this functionality?

I work in higher education and I'm looking to perform semester updates more holistically. 

I recently became aware of blueprints in Canvas, which I'm hoping to use to cut down on the amount of time that we spend updating the same courses for each semester.

I'm hoping that I can get them to operate as outlined in the attached PNG.

Currently, we have to manually change all assignment/discussion/etc. dates every time that we transfer a course from Spring (which has a break) to Fall (which does not have a break). This issue would be eliminated in the above example. 

Additionally, we would be able to make broad changes such as updated resources for all students, etc. with this method. 

I'm also hoping to use this method combined with SIS in order to mass upload classes every semester.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to best go about this? I'm 100% willing to involve APIs.

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Hello @AveryPM 

Thanks for posting about this in the Canvas Community. I hope you are doing well today!

I believe I understand what you are asking about here. (Correct me if I am wrong) 

With BP courses, you can have a master/parent BP course that then sends content to any associated/child courses. 

Currently, if you have a course setup as a Master BP course, you can only sync to associated courses. This means that the Master BP course would not be able to receive syncs from another Master course, unfortunately. 

I do see how this would be helpful with mass course creation. This might make a great feature request for future releases in Canvas. 

Hopefully this helps!