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This is in old quizzes..  no idea about New Quizzes. When a user cancels the creation of a quiz, it still creates one. This behavior is not seen with assignments or modules or discussions.

I do note that the +Quiz button does enter a title (Unnamed Quiz) whereas the other + item buttons do not. Perhaps this is part of the issue?

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Good day @SeanQuallen 

I was able to test this and was also able to replicate with Classic quizzes.. I wanted to add that It looks like it does not do this behavior with New Quizzes. New Quizzes will use an LTI to set itself up. As long as you don't access the build screen, hitting cancel seems to not save it as an unnamed Quiz.

I also think that this might be part of the design for the Classic Quizzes engine.. Support might be able to get you a solid answer on why it does this.

Hopefully this helps! 



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