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I have been back and forth with Canvas support all day today and I just wondered if anyone else has experienced the issue I'm having. I have a particular course shell I have been using as my "base" to export content to my other course shells this summer. One page (just one of the nearly 40 or so) is somehow locked and can't be edited or deleted. I can go into "Edit" mode and tinker, but when I click "Save", nothing happens. It refuses to save. It looks like any other page in terms of settings. If I "Duplicate" the page to try to edit a copy, the duplicate is also locked--can neither be edited nor deleted. If the page is imported into another shell, the problem travels with it.

I can, however (in html mode) copy all the html, create a new page, and edit and save that. I can also use the incognito mode of the browser and edit and delete that way. Thinking it was a cookie/cache issue, I cleared all browsing data (from all time). Problem still there. It is totally strange and I have no idea.

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So this took a while to figure out and I am not sure I understand it all just yet, though the case I opened has been closed I think.

The culprit was my ad-blocking browser extension, which is the same in both Firefox and Chrome, but is is disabled in incognito mode and not used in Edge (because I never use Edge). I confirmed it as the problem by toggling it on and off while I tinkered with the page I couldn't edit.

What I still don’t understand is why that one page only (and if I duplicate it) is the only page affected by that extension. There is nothing special about the page and I built it in Canvas just like my other pages and have been importing and editing it for some years since I first created it. The problem is not in the html because I can copy the html to a new blank page and don’t have any problems. The extension is normally on all the time and I can edit other pages just fine. I just can’t imagine what metadata is stuck to just that page that is interacting with the extension.

It could be just a mystery and I’ll have to move on. In any case, if others have this experience, look to your browser extensions first.

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