Canvas 2 Factor Authentication not working in respondus lockdown browser

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I had to set up a touch ID two factor authentication in canvas and when I try to take exams the touch ID on my macbook won't register, I've tried restarting the computer but I think I need to find a way to turn off the touch ID authentication, any help would be appreciated.

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Hey Sam,

We've seen the same issue at my school as our students were recently required to have Two-Factor authentication with Canvas.  It appears that the issue is specific to people using a Macintosh computer who have set up the fingerprint reader as their 2-factor device.  Lockdown Browser is blocking access to the fingerprint reader and I've confirmed this with Respondus.  

Does the 2-Factor system you work with allow for other devices besides your fingerprint reader?  We've advised our students that the fingerprint reader on a computer shouldn't be your only device for 2Factor since there appears to be some things such as Lockdown Browser it will not work with.  Most 2Factor systems have an app you can register on your phone to use, and some may even allow for phone calls or text messages to provide that 2nd factor.  I suggest looking into if those options are available at your school with 2 factor as a way to get logged in to Canvas when using the Lockdown Browser.


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