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Canvas Assignment Groups & Gradebook

We want to be able to view points versus percentages in the grade book assignment group columns, we also would like to print point totals by assignment group. 

I have checked New Analytics, and Grades Export  I am not finding anywhere to print this information for all students as a teacher.

I can view each individual student and scroll to the bottom of their grades page and view the information but I would prefer to view all student's point totals in each assignment group.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, there are not that many adjustments we can do in Canvas Gradebook. One of the options is to export the grade book and play around in Excel or some other spreadsheet platform by using formulas. 

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That's unfortunate - points are points, and available in the individual student view. This provides specific data about areas student's may be struggling in. It would take a lot of time to program a spreadsheet to do all the assignment group weights and totals. 

The data is in Canvas it seems as a teacher I should be able to view the data in multiple places, not just an individual student's grade page. It would be optimal for the assignment groups to show up as points instead of only percentages. The data is there, making it accessible would be helpful for teachers.

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Hello @tina_christophe

Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community!

I would have to agree with @SubashParajuli that exporting the gradebook into a CSV would be the best option.

I did see that you can look at the individual gradebook view and have it show totals as points instead of percentage, on Student Grade Page. It looks like an idea was submitted that would potentially allow for this option with your assignment groups on the gradebook. It looks like is picked up some traction and is still open for voting. HERE is a link to that idea if you are interested in voting in favor of it.