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Canvas Assignment Submission - Utilising HTML in a document Error

Kia Ora Canvas Whanau,

I've been utilising a script embedded into a google document so I can get my students to submit their work in the assignments section and I can see it and give feedback in Speedgrader. This method has been working for 2 Years until; what appears to be a recent update, now gives every assignment submission the "This file contains HTML and cannot be previewed. Please download to view." error

I'll outline my process below to provide context below. 

My Process

  • Create a document with the script (shown below) which forces them to make a copy and then shares it with me and makes it an editor.
  • They submit this document in the assignment section as a Link
  • Once this is done I can open up speed grader and see them all working on their assignment in real time.


function onOpen() {
  var doc = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().addEditor('myemailladdressgoeshere');


My rationale is that I use the same scripted document for all assignment submissions (as it is a formal cover sheet) and this saves me time from individually assigning it to every student in the collaborations tool.

Does anyone have a fix for this or an alternative method? I'm GUTTERED it's not working as it's been amazing for managing assignments during lockdown and keeping tabs on my less motivated students .

Thank you for your time


Nga Mihi



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