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I had completed a class assignment that did not save the completion status once I had finished the assignment; however, after I moved on to the next assignment the instructor informed us to take a screenshot of once you complete this assignment and send to her for completion. As I mentioned, when I had completed this assignment, the instructors notice was not sent out until the next day.

Is there anyway that I can pull up my assignment history to verify that I had already completed the assignment that she is now requesting proof of completion. Remember, I had not taken a screenshot upon completing this assignment so when I go back to this same assignment, it does not look as if I had done it yet.

Please help!

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Panda Pros
Panda Pros

Hello LoriHunter1 and welcome to the Community.  You can use your history to look at the assignment.  Here's a link to the Student Guide about history:


Is the teacher not seeing your assignments?  


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Community Coach
Community Coach

In addition to your view history inside Canvas, I wonder if your assignment was submitted outside of Canvas since you mention that Canvas did not save your completion. If that's true, I suggest following the advice of @jcarpenter1 and looking at that external site. 

In addition, please contact your instructor. Instructors can view all of the submissions made by students via Canvas tools and presumably have access to the submissions made using other tools too.

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