Whole course content, student data, quizzes has disappeared

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I had a course in Dec 2021 but now when I see the details it is missing all the data like students, quizzes, enrolment dates are changes, files everything has disappeared. I can just se the course title on the dashboard but inside there is nothing. How can I retrieve the data or see how possibly something could have happened. 

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Thanks Chris for the reply. I am the TA for the course. It's not from a university to college. We conduct courses for a private entity using canvas to conduct online courses. 

I started my TA work after this course was completed. I was visiting older courses and checking up some content. When I click on the course from dashboard I just see a course with module and every other content like it is a new course without any students enrolled. 

All other courses are just fine, and you are correct I have also contacted the canvas admin and they have replied back as well, 

I can solve this issue with admin and update here. Its really strange though. I checked with my teacher as well all the email communication for that particular course in the inbox has also disappared. 

Admin is going to investigate further. 

I really appreciate you time and effort in assisting me on this. 


Thank you,



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