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Canvas Calender not offering previous entries in a drop down option

When entering timetables into Canvas Calenders previously, Canvas would offer a drop down optin of previously entered data - ie. Event name, location etc., meaning I didn't have to retype the Room Number or Course code and description, I could just select from those previously ebetered. It usually provided a list of about 4 previous typed entries.

It is no longer giving this option, which is making the entering of timetabel into the calender very time consuming as I have to type out the details each time for event titles and locations.

I realise there is a duplicate function but this doesn't work for our timetable as the units are scattered around with different times, rooms etc.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Community Coach

Hi @SusanLeake,

I believe the functionality you're talking about is actually a function of your web browser and not Canvas itself.  Are you perhaps using a different computer or browser right now than what you have in the past, or maybe have cleared your browser cache recently?  You may not be able to get your old entries back, but the browser setting that usually controls this is usually called form autocomplete (or something similar).  If you enable that setting on your current browser, you should see it start to remember the new entries you make from now going forward.  Let us know what browser you're using and we might be able to point you to some information on enabling autocomplete if you need it.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you need more help on this!