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Canvas Collaboration Google docs app


I have read about the Google App LTI upgrade that is coming soonish, ~ Sept 1 or later.

I am one of the Admins for our school account. I couldn't access Collaboration at Teacher orientation for demonstrationr purposes using the Google app that was in place for this past 3 years. I read all the information, articles, and it seems that I should still be able to use the old Google app untiil the LTI upgrade is in effect. Is that right?

In an attempt to fix it, after sending 3 Canvas Helps requests with no solution offered, I deleted the Google app, followed the steps to integrate with the Google app LTI and it still won't let me authorize successfully.

Due to hacking last year, I changed my school acount on gmail completely. Is it possible that the gmail change is what is causing me to not be able to authorize the Google app? I sent a Help request on this too and have yet to hear back.

Sincerely frustrated



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Community Team
Community Team

We'd like to look at the case you submitted,  @kayser ; would you provide the case number for the interaction?

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Here is the Case # 07858971

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Thanks for providing the case number, @kayser . This case was transferred to the field admin for your school on August 12, which is why you haven't received a direct response from Canvas Support. Our support supervisor is going to move it to a queue where it will receive direct attention from one of our agents.

In the meantime, although this is probably best handled via your 1:1 interaction with support, perhaps our members have suggestions for how they accomplish this.

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I forgot to sign in, so I don't think my reply showed. If it did, I apologize for repeating myself here.

The only communication I received from Canvas Instructure support was an email saying, "since we haven't heard from you, we assume that the issue has been resolved." I replied to that email that it was not resolved.

I'm going to start a new ticket on Monday.

I do appreciate the effort to get me into a queue that would hopefully jumpstart this resolution, but no contact with me has taken place. My first Admin [I am the second Admin] may have received the message, but he was away on a Conference and did not indicate that he'd received any Canvas Instructure communications by email or by phone.

I'm frustrated.

Hi, @kayser , you won't need to create a new ticket; the case you referenced is still active, and your replies will keep it in that status until it has been resolved. I see that the ticket has been escalated, so please continue to request updates directly in the case interaction. Thanks!

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Stefanie, thank you for helping me understand the process. 🙂