Canvas Discussions Redesign multiple due dates — HOW?

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I can't figure out how to assign multiple due dates (1st for post, 2nd for responses) in the 8/18/21 release of Canvas Discussions Redesign. Will there be directions or a breakdown on how to do this? 

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

@johnmartin  The feature released in the 8/21 release is that multiple dates display on a discussion that has differentiated due dates for different users and sections. The checkpoints feature is currently slated for the third release of the project. Please read through   Discussions Redesign Early Access  for details.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

@johnmartin and @sbarhoum ...

One of the Instructure Community Managers provided a link for me that I think you'd be interested in taking a look at...if you haven't already.

Improve the user experience with discussions to provide for more meaningful discourse among course p...

Under the "Referenced Ideas" heading, you'll find that [Discussions] Multiple Due Dates (checkpoints) for... - Instructure Community ( is on the list (currently at the very bottom).

I'd encourage you to follow these links and participate in the discussion under Jody's information.

Hope this will help in some way.

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