Canvas Interface with ActivePresenter Video Quiz

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Presently I am using ActivePresenter to edit my videos, insert the quiz questions, then process and export the video (in SCROM format). I embed the video into Canvas. I make the link visible to my students in a Module, my students play the videos and answer the questions in Canvas and I have it linked to the Gradebook. The final scores go to the Gradebook just fine. What is lacking is any granular information (which questions were missed, etc.) visible to me the instructor. I can put in a "Report Slide" at the end of the video which allows each student to see their overall breakdown of the score and to go back and review. 

For me to see this information, when I "Export" the video (process the video) in ActivePresenter, rather than export to SCORM I can export to HTML 5 (format either XML Document or JSON Javascript Object Notation) but that creates a report for which I am to use an HTTP address, and I do not know if I can (or how to) send it into Canvas. Someone posted code to format it into Google Sheets, but I assume that is not an option with FERPA restrictions. 

Thank you for any insights or guidance. 


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