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When I click on Canvas from Clever, it logs in an says I'm restricted from the courses. But then if I click on Dashboard it goes to my dashboard, and I can then click on courses. It didn't do that until a week ago, is there something I need to do, or will it fix itself?

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Community Coach


I don't use Clever, but that does sound like unexpected behavior for an integration.

If you are a Canvas admin it may be good to review the integration settings to confirm that the settings are still correct.  If everything appears to be set-up correctly, you may want to contact Clever and/or Canvas Support to get further help with resolving this issue as they will have more access to your account and settings to see what may be happening.

If you aren't a Canvas admin, it would be good to contact the Canvas administrators and/or Help Desk at your school to see if they can assist further with the error you are experiencing.

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