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Canvas Mastery Path Not Opening Correct Path

Morning -- I have set up MasteryPaths in a course and when I tested each path (in student view), I discovered that the scores are not opening the correct path.  For example, as a student, I scored a 20/100 in the Prior Knowledge quiz and the correct path opened (Week 2 Track 3).  But when I scored an 80 on the Prior Knowledge quiz, Week 2 Track 2 did not open. Instead, Week 2 Track 3 opened.  I thought I set up everything correctly but obviously, I am missing something.  

Any thoughts? 

Note that I created several MasteryPaths (each having 3 differentiated paths) in this class. Is that affecting this?Mastery Path.JPG

Set up mastery.JPG





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My suggestion as a first step would be to make sure you have the Week 2 Prior knowledge quiz assigned to "everyone". Then make sure all mastery path items are assigned to the "mastery paths".

Next, I would make sure you have no requirements set in the module. I've found it causes issues.

Chad Scott
Katy ISD