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Canvas New Quizzes Images Not Showing


I created a genetics test using new quizzes and uploaded my .png files to each question.  I then added the questions to the question bank and added outcomes.  I then shared my test using the [send to] function in canvas.  The images are not showing for any of the 6 teachers I shared my quiz to.  I have shared my item bank, I also made sure they were using the same outcomes loaded in their course.  If I send the quiz to a sandbox we all have access to, I can see the images but they still cannot.  Importing has not worked, and I have made sure my files are all accessible in the files section.  I am not sure what else I can do to get the images to show on the other teacher's copies.  This was not happening on the quizzes created before 11/2022.  Right clicking to load images also does not work.


Thank you

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My initial thought is that this is due to the errors seen with the RCE in New Quizzes that Canvas is working on resolving. You might just unfortunately be out of luck until they fix the RCE...

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