Canvas Parent - not receiving the forgot my password email

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Sorry I have very minimal knowledge of Canvas.

I have a parent that can not rest his password.

Have successfully connected to the Sentral Parent Portal, then tried to login to Canvas Parent, using the same email and password as the Sentral Parent Portal, was told by our Canvas Champions to forget password.

messages says it could take up to half an hour to receive email to reset password.

Parent has not received the email to reset password. this has now been three days.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Check to make sure they are going through your Sentral portal. I get kids who, in a hurry to connect, will Google search Canvas and get frustrated that it won't let them in. They are not accessing our district portal. If the parent searched for Canvas and accessed the generic Canvas Parent page for free accounts, it will not recognize their email address and likely not send them the email to reset their password. 

IT wise, even if they say that they are doing it correctly, send them an email with a link directly to the Sentral portal and ask them to try again from that link.

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