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Canvas Rich Content Editor - Dropdown Menu for Specific Buttons Not Showing Text

Hi, I'm quite new to Canvas so please bear with me if my explanation is a bit unclear.

Within the Rich Content Editor, the dropdown menu does not display any text for the AlignBullet(Ordered and Unordered Lists), and Indent buttons. After clicking the dropdown of the aforementioned buttons, only blank, grey boxes can be selected and no text is visible. All the other button dropdowns work as intended, it is specifically just these 3 buttons that have this issue. 

Please refer to my attached images for further clarification.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My first thought when I see this is are you running the latest browser version? An outdated browser can break web page elements. If you are running the latest version of the browser, then I would try clearing the cache in that browser and try again. Also changing browsers may help.

I have tried running the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge, to no avail. I've also cleared out the cache and the issue remains, unfortunately.

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You might need to reach out to Canvas Support to see if it's something else then. Sorry for the delayed response.