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Anyone have a suggestion on criteria for teachers to have as beginning Canvas users? I'm teaching an hour session to 20 educators. Thoughts appreciated!! I'm thinking things like:

  • Profile settings
  • Notification settings
  • How to access help/guides, etc.
  • Creating an account in the Canvas Community
  • How to upload an image into your files
  • How to create a page, announcement, discussion, etc.

I hope to set the home page similar to this, so it's easy for them to get started.


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HI  @Gina_Hutchens ‌ - will check - they should just be all Canvas quizzes and videos. Any guesses  @david_summervi1 ‌?

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Hi  @rislis ‌

I would give the https://community.canvaslms.com/groups/strategies?sr=search&searchId=f3a47ac1-fb51-4a5c-9697-4f1716a...‌ group a look over. This is a part of what this group is all about, and there is some awesome stuff in there.

I will also share your question with the group so that you start getting feedback sooner, because there is a lot of stuff in that group space.

I hope this helps,


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We have developed 4 sessions of training, using videos and then quizzes to learn 'how to' canvas from beginner through to advanced. We used badges as well for this to make it a bit more fun for the staff. The courses are now shared to the Commons - search Callaghan College training videos and quizzes. They have  @david_summervi1 ‌ and Chris Cividino's names on them. Links below too. Hope this helps. Cheers. Stacy

Training 1

Training 2

Training 3

Training 4 Champion


Thanks for sharing, Stacy!!

I"m having trouble access these documents.  When I click it tries to open up Office 365 and when I use my login...I get bad request.

Any idea how I may get access to these?

HI  @Gina_Hutchens ‌ - will check - they should just be all Canvas quizzes and videos. Any guesses  @david_summervi1 ‌?

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The links pasted above link to our Canvas - this requires a login via 365. Instead of clicking on the links you need to search for callaghan in modules. Unless anyone knows how to link to the common area?

Hello, Stacy!

Is there a chance to access these trainings?



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I've never done any Canvas training, but I am so glad you included the Community as part of it; I relied on the Community here to search for answers even before I started actually participating. People who bring their questions here will get answers, and usually very promptly! So just make sure to tell them that questions of ALL kinds are welcome here. I learn a lot from seeing the questions people ask. 🙂


I don't stress this list in New Faculty Orientation nearly as much now that we have 24/7 support and this amazing community. Time of need assistance seems to work best and we've done a lot to ensure students and faculty know they ALWAYS have someone available to help them with Canvas. I now spend that time talking about contacting us, 24/7 support, and the community. I spend the extra time getting them excited about their potential with tools like Canvas and all this support.

That being said, I like lists, and Canvas training is a worthwhile endeavor. Here's the list I keep for my basic training sessions (that are usually 1:1 and by request). I've included the non-Canvas stuff just in case it helps at all.

PS. I'm doing this on my phone. If the formatting goes haywire, I'll return later and fix it.

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC):

TLC workstations

Mac and PC

Adobe Suite, Office Suite, Camtasia and Respondus

Equipment for checkout:

Laptops- Mac and PC, 1 week check-out Bamboo pads - 1 week check-out Webcams - 1 week check-out Headphones with mics - 1 week check-out Handheld camcorders - 1 week check-out Equipment for day use:

Mobile Projector

Smartboard add-on for any whiteboard Other TLC Info:

Sign In/Out Sheet

TLC Contact Methods

Information Slideshow

Canvas Handouts

Canvas by Instructure:

Getting Started

How to log in to a CCC computer How to find and open Chrome web browser How to navigate to the CCC home page and access Canvas

How to log in to Canvas

Canvas terminology Global Navigation, Sidebar, Dashboard, Course Navigation

Getting Help Contact the TLC or consult the Resource Center for Faculty

ContactCanvas 24/7 Help

Consult the Canvas Instructor Guide  (guides.canvaslms.com ) Ask the Canvas Community

Working in Courses Upload Syllabus / Turn on auto-inline preview

Create your first assignment:

All the fun stuff about pages


Seta point value

Set a submission type

If interested, discuss online submission types

Set available, due, until dates, and discuss their meanings If time permits, discuss differentiated due dates Review content in student view Indicate how course navigation changes Leave student view

Review the Gradebook Explain the Test Student entry in gradebook Explain what each item in the assignment drop-down does Demonstrate how to add grades and comments from gradebook Demonstrate how to return to course from gradebook

Review Speedgrader

Course Design

Homepage options Customized front pages by the TLC Use of modules

Rich Content Editor basics

Course Navigation Use Commons - Don’t reinvent the wheel Search by type & subject Import into sandbox, not actual course Customizing Canvas

Customizing course list Dashboard and course card customization Favorite course List

Full course list Add/Remove courses from favorites Find future courses Customizing notification preferences Refer to Notification Recommendations document

Customizing your profile

Add a picture, bio, links 

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HI Lisa I like the list you have so far. Can you let us know how it went, what went well, what you would change? We are heading in the same direction soon. Would you talk about 'Purpose' at all?

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I'm about to do the exact same thing in a couple of weeks, and I'm a little unsure about it. I had a similar approach in mind, so I would be really interested in seeing how your orientation goes and what you learn from your experience.

 @rislis ,  @Bobby2 , and  @mwatson2 , my experience running these sessions was that the more relevant and hands-on the training was the better. Relevance can be very hard to predict, though. For the hands-on part, I did a lot of legwork to set up accounts and Canvas sandboxes for the participants to have access to during the training. Letting them poke while I lectured made the words connect with the button clicks and reduced the seemingly technical nature of what I was explaining to something that is quite simple and intuitive in the UI. In some cases (due to college accounts not being created yet) I operated out of the https://community.canvaslms.com/groups/free-for-teachers?sr=search&searchId=2c76a45c-e824-4a4b-89d9-...‌ version of Canvas. This was a good way to demonstrate how open Canvas is and how powerful of a tool it is within or without their current role at our college (Yeah, I was going a bit rogue on that one).

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Hi  @rislis ‌ - Great question!

I've been asked similar questions many times, so I designed a course and put it in commons called Kung Fu Canvas.  There is also a blog with all the topics/details/sequence within the course.  Check it out.  I hope this helps!

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Yes, I have referred people to your Kung Fu Canvas course several times!  Thanks for your work and for the reminder!!

I wanted to check out your blog but I get 

"You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action."
How can I get the right privileges for this resource?
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Hi - Because this blog was published in 2016, it was archived to help Canvas customers find Growing with Canvas - New Training Course launched in 2018. (I see we could have done better by sharing that rationale when clicking the original link!) Both Kung Fu Canvas and Growing with Canvas were created by Instructure Employees and are available for anyone to use. You'll be able to find Growing with Canvas in Commons.

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Hi Lisa Risch

I will add that we liked Deactivated user‌'s Kung Fu Canvas so much we are now using it for our faculty training for our quick onboarding course.


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I am getting ready to do training for new faculty and this is always a hard decision-what do they REALLY need to know about Canvas!?! There is so much, that I don't want to overwhelm them, so I give them the bare bones about global navigation. course navigation, setting up roll call attendance if they are using it, how to use the calendar, using the inbox, announcements, and discussions. How to upload and link files, using the grade book, setting up quizzes, assignments vs. activities and content pages. And most of all-use the Canvas guides and the community! Oh...and publishing, they always forget to publish items and the course itself!

Hi  @myerdon01 ‌

We also struggled with this. We started with a 30 hour course 5+ years ago, cut it to 20 a couple years later, then last year cut it to ten hours and created an optional series of six advanced training workshops of six hours each. When Deactivated user‌'s Kung Fu Canvas came out we substituted his 6 hour course for our ten.

I like what we have now, and will only fiddle in response to major changes in Canvas functionality.