Canvas Student App keeps logging me out

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Hi, I use the Canvas Student App and have multiple users logged in, so I can manage my continuing education and keep an eye on each of my children's assignments and grades.  Lately, when I go to switch user, it will start to login, then eliminate the user, and I have to add the user again... typically cycling through several attempts to get logged in.

This seems to be an app failure, but I'm not sure how to get help with it.  I have the newest Samsung phone with up-to-date Android OS.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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@scals06 - 

It sounds like you are logging into separate Canvas schools, correct? Every school has the ability to change how they handle user logout time. If it's happening for just one school, then I would suggest you contact their support to see if this is usual behavior. If it's more than one, then maybe it's a bug. It's tough to diagnose without knowing the logout policy for each school. 

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