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Happy new year!

I'm an instructional designer currently helping faculty get their hybrid course ready for spring, and they are planning on using Microsoft Teams to hold their remote, synchronous meetings.


Now, we were able to use Microsoft Sync and enable the Microsoft Teams Meeting page in the navigation bar. From there, we were able to schedule a meeting and assign to all students. 


There are a couple of issues with this method, though because students receive a calendar invite in their emails immediately, which isn't desired because class isn't in session yet. Furthermore, there are faculty enrolled in the course, and the course owner doesn't want to pepper them with calendar invites.


The solution that I thought could work would be either to create an announcement including a Teams meeting invite link or creating the Meeting via the calendar as depicted in this tutorial.

When I attempt to follow along, though, I do not seem to have the Microsoft Teams Meeting tool available in the RCE as he does.


Any ideas what may be going on? Your help is greatly appreciated!


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Community Coach

Hi @JordanGarciaNAU 

The locations that the Teams link shows up in Canvas is controlled by the integration settings that your school has configured, but if you have a meeting scheduled Teams, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to manually past the meeting link into the RCE.

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