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I like how I'm able to respond to Canvas messages directly through the email, but I'm a little frustrated that if it's a group message, I can seemingly only respond to the original sender. In my canvas inbox, the original sender sent her message to me and another classmate. But in my email inbox, the other classmate was not included in the thread at all. So even though it seemed like it was a group message from what the sender said, I couldn't tell for sure, and when I clicked "Reply all", it still only sent my reply to the original sender and left the other classmate out of it. If the Canvas message conversation is a group one, then I believe that respond to Canvas messages directly through email feature is essentially useless. Thank you.

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Hello @ekim43 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with replying to messages via your email. To get right to it - that's unfortunately how it works. If someone sends you a message in a group and you opt to reply from your actual email instead of the message in the Canvas inbox, it will only send to the original creator/sender. I understand the need and want for this change. Feel free to check out our Canvas Ideas and Themes forum as Canvas implements great ideas such as this that we find within the community. 

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