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Canvas not working on Linux and Firefox 109

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A week or so ago Firefox updated to version 109 and even since then all of the windows are blank. This has happened on a few different computers with the same OS and Firefox. I can see the navigation bar on the left, everything else is blank. I have enhanced tracking off for canvas so that isn't the issue. I have attached pictures of what I am describing along with windows open showing version info for Firefox and my OS. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Nathan

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I noticed that you are running MX Linux. Is it possible that you are running a slightly older version of MX Linux that might cause conflicts? I dabble in Linux distros from time to time and sometimes Canvas and Linux distros don't play well. Have you tried to replicate this issue on a Chrome based browser such as Chrome or Chromium?

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It worked on Chromium. Today I got on to check and Firefox had an update waiting. 109.0.1 installed and the issue seems to be resolved.

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