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Canvas use for an athlete education platform

Good morning. 

I am an educator who is developing a course for elite-level athletes to further hone their skill set and am wondering if Canvas will work as the LMS.  Here are the needs:

1.  Video uploads back and for between athlete and coach.  This is the big one.  We need to be able to upload or create shared files the athlete/coach may view.

2. Data tracking which is similar to how you would input and track your weekly gym workouts.

3. Survey data collection.  Quizzes or discussion posts?

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I could definitely see Canvas meeting all of those needs!

1. Instructors can upload/embed videos in assignments, discussions, quizzes, or on their own as needed. Students can upload/embed videos as an assignment or in a discussion post. 

2. Tracking workouts can be done, but might require some creativity. For instance, students could submit their activity log as an assignment once a week and the instructor checks it off/gives them points for it. Or maybe the students keep a Google Sheet that they fill out daily and they just send their instructor the link to view it for an assignment. Lots of other ways this could go!

3. Canvas has two quiz engines right now that folks can use. One of them, Classic Quizzes, does have the option for ungraded surveys. In New Quizzes, the other engine, instructors could make a quiz worth zero points. Either option would also keep the data in an organized format, rather than a discussion post where the instructor would need to manually organize the data to fit their needs. 

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