CanvasAPI - submitting rubric assessment grades & comments

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I'm developing some scripts in Python through CanvasAPI to automate grade submissions, comments, and attachments. I'd also like to automate submissions of rubric points and comments (here's the documentation for rubric_assessment), but I'm running into difficulties. The script below runs without any errors, but nothing shows up in Speedgrader indicating grades or comments. I used this post  to lookup the rubric criteria id's and plug them in accordingly. Here's the code: 

canvas = Canvas(API_URL, API_KEY)

course = canvas.get_course(9997)

assignment = course.get_assignment(78290)

submission = assignment.get_submission(7494)

submission.edit(criterion={'id': '1296_6974'}, points={'points': '37'}, comments={'comments': 'Good work."})


I'm also experiencing difficulties achieving this directly through the Live API. It records a success, but no rubric grades are submitted. Any suggestions?

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