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I have a teacher that is using Total Points, but has her categories weighted differently.  The plot twist is this her assignment categories are different for each course. 

Scenario (these categories are created in PowerTeacher Pro)
AP Physics Class:
Assessments = 50%
Homework = 25%

Physical Science Class:
Assessments = 40%
Homework - 25%

We "Import Assignement Groups" (Categories) into Canvas from PowerTeacher Pro, of course the categories are importing as seen below - but they are not passing back correctly.

QUESTION - Does my teacher need to create categories with different names in PTP since they are weighted differently? eg:

Assessment-AP = 40%
Assessment-PS = 50%

Homework-AP = 25%
Homework-PS = 40%

Hope this makes sense!



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As long as they are weighted correctly in PowerTeacher Pro that is how your grades will be weighted for final calculation, but as far as I know canvas does not let you mix category weights and total points in one class. You could just hide the grades tab from student view and they have to check PowerTeacher Pro for their correct final grades? Not sure if this helps. 

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