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Checklist for Readiness on First Day of Class

Good afternoon.  Does anyone have a checklist document (not video) of guidelines for what faculty need to check to be sure their course is ready for publishing the first day?  Thank you very much.

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Community Team
Community Team


The Teacher Quick Start Guide may be a good place to start! I look forward to see what Community Members can share too. 🙂


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@avmccoy We don't "require" Canvas usage for any of our Face-to-Face courses so we have a wide range of how it is used.  We do have some departments looking to make minimal usage required though.  We also use blueprinting to push out a small set of settings so that all faculty start with a few settings we (and the faculty) have deemed best practice.  So, our checklist of things is very simple:

  • Make sure you have the correct grading scheme set
  • (Optional) set a course thumbnail
  • Choose a course homepage (we do have some templates available for this)
  • Upload your current course syllabus
  • Check your gradebook settings and set appropriate policies, such as late and missing, or manual posting

After that everything is optional and we have several best practices and templates we have for use if faculty want.