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Chinese Mandarin & Canvas

Hi Community,

I was hoping I could get some insight from those out there that use Canvas (and external tools) to teach Chinese Mandarin (in High School).

Our teacher is quite traditional in the practice of teaching a scripted language (still mostly paper and pen) but I'm sure that her students would benefit from a more integrated environment for (at the very least) supplementary learning and revision.

From the discussion I have had with the teacher (as the eLearning Designer and Integrator), with the myriad of classes and skill levels within, it is a struggle to have a fixed lesson structure as take up speed can vary from class to class and even within those classes.

Does anyone else in the Canvas community face this issue and what solutions have you successfully implemented to make learning more integrated in teaching this language?


Brad Turney

Online Learning Designer

Rosebank College

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Did you find any good external tool? My University now examines to use Canvas, and we also need to fine good external tool. We are now checking educaplay, H5P. 

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Hi Sunhee

It is a difficult situation as there isn't one tool that accommodates all needs and having more than one is both cumbersome and expensive.

Due to this, our teachers have taken on the use of OneNote Class Notebook through canvas. They were reluctant to go digital in their writing activities, but COVID-19 forced their hand.

This tool allows then to distribute worksheets, have students read/write in mandarin as well as create quizzes/assignments that can be easily reviewed in OneNote and marks are then sent to the Canvas Gradebook.

We have used OneNote through Canvas for many other subjects and now with Chinese (and other languages) it is giving students a familiar external tool across faculties.