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Classic Quiz - Changing the size of a variable input box?

I am attempting to build a table for students to fill in using variables. I need the variable entry box to be larger though:




ie - the item box needs to be the same size as the table box containing it. I have attempted some html mods - but they have failed to save.

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If you know anything about javascript, that would be the way to approach it.  Otherwise I do not know how to go about it.  I do not know javascript, but the reason I mentioned it is that if you know it you might be able to take the QuizWiz javascript written by James(I can't thank James enough for Quiz Wiz or the other Canvancements that I use) and modify the section - or use that information - where he expands the comment box when something is typed in it.

below is the link to his quizwiz canvancement(only works with classic quizzes, but it is great if you are stilll using classic quizzes)

link for the information on it. there is mention of the comment expansion under the Videos paragraph

link for the install information

Hope this provides some possible help.