Closed Captioning Accessibility with short films

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How do you create closed captioning for an animated short film, music only, youtube video?

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Hi Carmela! When you say music only, do you mean that there are no spoken words in the video, only music? If so, you don't necessarily need closed captions except to indicate to a viewer that there's music playing. However, if there's text on the screen in the video, then it's inherently inaccessible to viewers with vision limitations, and closed captions won't change that. If that's the case, I usually recommend creating a transcript of the text on screen to provide in addition to the video.

Either way, here's a tutorial on how to add captions to your YouTube video!

However, if the video doesn't belong to you, it's a little trickier! Amara is a great way to caption YouTube videos that don't belong to you!

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Danielle Casey

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Lower Columbia College

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