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Since several months I've been unable to access content in Canvas using Google Chrome or Edge. Currently I'm using Firefox. However, my students are experiencing the same problem when trying to access the courses.

Initially we thought that it was a browser problem and needed to update, but it didn't help.

Then we wonder if it was a configuration problem, related to permits in my students’ computers, but the problem does not affect all the students that have the same permits configuration. Also, I don't depend on their configurations.

Currently we are using other alternatives to share materials and present assignments, but that is not a real solution. Any idea? Can you help us?

Attached are two screen captures of my computer with two browsers.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @CarlosSuarezAl,

Have you tried contacting Instructure Support? They may be able to find the root of the problem. Be sure to share your screenshots, link to your Canvas Instance, and explain that you have tried different browsers and even tried updating.

Another thing to consider is whether this is happening only at your institution (using your school's internet). In my previous institution, Google Chrome had some type of issue with our school's firewall, which prevented it from loading correctly. With that said, I also recommend contacting your institution's IT department if this issue is happening only within your institution's firewall.


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