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Hello - I want to create a master course that I copy from semester to semester. I would like to use deep links with Pearson's MyMathLab. Will I have to re-create the deep links each time I copy the course, or is there a way to connect the deep links to a copy of the Pearson MyLab master course?

Any explanation or video response would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Hello  @scott_vanzuiden  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

You will need to set those MyLab/Mastering links up each term, because of the way Pearson is set up - you create a course in Pearson, and it has to match your course in Canvas.  I think this guide from Pearson will be helpful, but it has been awhile since I have used it:  LMS Integration Services

And here is a blog from this community 

I hope this is helpful,


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