Could Assignment Groups be nested within other Assignment Groups?

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I'm sure there are many examples of how this could be useful--here is one example:

A course's grades are divided into two main groups with associated weighting: Theory (60%) and Practice (40%).

Theory is divided into subgroups: Assignments (40%), Discussions (30%), and Quizzes (30%).

Practice is divided into subgroups: Research (50%) and Presentations (50%).

This is currently only possible by ensuring that your points for all assignments in a subgroup are properly "weighted", but that only works if course assignments are fixed, which means the teacher has no option of giving a pop-quiz or other flex assignment during the least not for points without lowering another assignment's points.

This would go a long way in improving Canvas Gradebook flexibility.

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Thanks for the feedback and I did go ahead and post this in the other thread. Organizationally and for simplicity, I like nesting the AG's, but this certainly is a workable solution to avoid "point weighting" until there is, hopefully, a better solution--thanks!

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