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Is there a way to selectively download course content from the Modules section (for example, by week/topic)?

Currently I can either download a single lecture/document at a time OR I can download the entire published course, which tends to be a ginormous file that often fails to download (slow wifi, disconnection, etc.) especially towards the end of the course when there are more files.

I would like to be able to download smaller sections of material or select multiple files to download/export without having to click through each one.

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Right now you can import selected content, but I believe the export function creates a file for the entire course.  If the purpose of your export is for upload into another course, you can skip the export and go directly to the import.  Select copy a canvas course and then select specific content.  You will have an opportunity to select the content before the copy runs.

If you need a partial export for another reason, you could take advantage of the select content import in order to create the exports. Use a sandbox/workroom without students (or a future unpublished course even with students) and import import into it only the subset of content you want to copy into that course, and then export that course.  After you create your export, you can click the course reset to return it to a empty course.

You might also present an idea for a more user-friendly method and a use case for how you would use it here:

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