How to make PDF submission appear in SpeedGrader?

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I am a math teacher and there is only one "question" in most of my assignments and quizzes - which is the "question" where students submit PDFs of their solutions in one file.

Sometimes, the PDF shows up in SpeedGrader and I can annotate it right there and then. Sometimes, Canvas displays the download link of the PDF file, so I have to download it first and annotate using a PDF reader. I am unable to predict this behavior of Canvas.

How do I make sure that in an assignment or quiz where only one PDF submission is required, the PDF file itself i.e., its preview, shows up in SpeedGrader?

(This is the webpage SpeedGrader by the way, not the mobile version.)

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Hi @kmgonzales1 

The preview submissions does vary by type of activity.  I suspect you are able to view PDFs in the preview pane for assignments but not quizzes. This is expected behaviour, unfortunately. 

"Depending on the assignment and submission type, the SpeedGrader preview window may vary. For example, a website URL submission type will appear in the main body of SpeedGrader with the option to open the URL in a new tab. Some website URL submissions cannot be viewed in Canvas and must be viewed in a new tab. Media submissions may display as an embedded file in SpeedGrader or only display as a downloadable file."

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